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What is Unified Communications and do I want it?

Posted by Gregg Haughton on Nov 16, 2011 3:12:00 PM

Do you remember long ago when the prognosticators of yesteryear predicted that we'd be born, assigned a phone number, and take it with us until we are boxed and buried? This one number would be how folks would reach us and we would forsake our home numbers, office numbers, cell numbers, vacation home numbers...

Well, to some extent, they were right. Many have abandoned thier land lines and mostly use their cell phones. However, instead of fewer ways to reach is, there are many more. I can be reached at my home number, my office direct line, my cell number, you can fax me, e-mail me, text me, tweet me, "friend" me, "like" me...

So what is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a suite of tools that facilitate the ability to reach someone or be reached by someone through any and all communications devices. The device can be your office workstation, a laptop at a hotel, your smart phone, a tablet PC, or standard phone line. Unified Communciations pulls together your business phone system, your company e-mail system, personal e-mail (like G-mail), texts, Twitter, and what ever other social networking you use. Unified Communications also brings together your calender, and can let others know where you are and whether or not you can be reached.

It's cliche to say we live in a fast paced and hyper connected world. The constant barrage we get from having so many ways to communicate can be distracting and even overwhelming. Unified Messaging is a tool to organize, prioritize and manage messages. By connecting your business telephone system, your e-mail systems, your calender, your social networks and fax systems, all these media can be managed in one session.

The ultimate goal is to get your work done, turn off the fancy ring tone on your smart phone, let your I-pad sleep, put your office phone in do not disturb, and become completely disconnected.

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Topics: What is Unified Communications and do I need it?

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