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My Business is Too Small for a VoIP Telephone System!

Posted by Justin Stackawitz on Mar 10, 2012 12:43:00 PM

There are likely alot of people out there who feel, for one reason or another, that their business is not large enough, or sophisticated enough, or liquid enough (or any number of other excuses) to necessitate an IP telephone system.

This thinking is a relic of the past.

As recently as three or four years ago, those opinions might have had some validity. Until recently, the vast majority of VoIP telephone systems required an entire computer server to operate, and even the telephone desk sets were more like individual computers themselves. This type of system represented a considerable investment, and required concrete justification (ROI) to have value to most organizations. But as with just about any technology, these IP systems have been dramatically streamlined, both physically and economically.

Currently, there are many systems available, even to the smallest of businesses, which can legitimately be classified as VoIP telephone systems. Now, in place of a giant server, these systems can operate using a compact router-like IP appliance, and a variety of VERY reasonably priced desk telephones (in many cases, less expensive than their digital counterparts).

Just like the massive desktop computer and rack-full of server equipment in your IT room that you used to have, that has now turned into a thin client or laptop docking station on your desk with blade servers in the back room, VoIP telephone systems have similarly evolved.

So, if you are a smaller company that once thought an IP telephone system was out of your reach because of its advanced technology...think again! In just the last week alone, Granite Communications has installed such systems for organizations ranging from a 20-person marketing firm, to a Doctor's office with a staff of 3. 

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