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Adjusting to Your New Business Telephone System

Posted by Justin Stackawitz on Mar 22, 2012 10:35:00 AM

This blog continues the train of thought that I began with an original entry about managing the transition from one phone system to another. In that case, I was referring specifically to overseeing a project and taking care of the important details required when implementing a whole new technology (something that I am very familiar with as a Project Manager!).

But what happens once the install goes without a hitch, and you’re all alone with your shiny new phone system?

Typically, at Granite Communications, our goal is to train the new system users on the basics of everyday use, while intentionally leaving out all the little gory details of every last possible system function that someone might encounter….well, never! This is designed so that the average telephone user can hit the ground running on their new system, while those that intend to take advantage of the more advanced features of a system can fill in those gaps as they move forward (with our guidance, of course).

Hopefully, you have been adequately trained by the folks who installed and programmed the system, so you at least know how to operate your desk telephone enough to be able to make and receive phone calls! But, chances are, there are also some things about the new system which are significantly different than what you were comfortable with on your old system. This can be a challenge. Remember that practice makes perfect! Us humans are, for better or worse, creatures of habit; so after you have spent the last 5 years getting used to the ins and outs of how to efficiently use the telephone on your desk, it should come as no surprise that it would be a bit jarring to have to re-learn a whole new set of habits with your new telephone.

It can become frustrating, and even overwhelming, to make this adjustment, especially if you are someone who relies heavily on your telephone communications. For example, I will never forget the day that  I was doing some follow-up training with the very busy receptionist (after the basic group training) at a fairly large company who had just installed a brand new VoIP telephone system. In this case, she was on day 1 or day 2 with her new system, and was still having trouble getting 100% comfortable with it. Old habits die hard, and after about an hour and a half, she was ready to pull her hair out! The good news is that it wasn’t long before she turned the corner, and started getting used to just how to process all of her calls most efficiently. In fact, I probably could have stopped in two weeks later and she would have taught me a thing or two about the system that I had never seen before!

The moral of the story is that change, ultimately, is good. Initially, there will likely be some growing pains, and there will most definitely be an adjustment period at the very least; but once you come out on the other side of the changeover, and you are comfortable with the new technology, your business will thank you for it.

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