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Your Business Telephone System as the Ultimate Productivity Tool

Posted by Justin Stackawitz on Feb 10, 2012 2:59:00 PM

Its an ideal world, and you have a telephone system which helps you to improve employee productivity, enhance customer service and lower costs. If that sounds like you, then the good news is that you are already ahead of the game…the vast majority of people unfortunately wouldn’t say that their phone system does anything positive for them (Granite Communications is trying to change this one customer at a time!). The bad news, though, for you fortunate few with a productive telephone system – It could be even more productive.

In addition to the obvious functions as simple as answering and processing telephone calls and retrieving voicemail messages, today’s phone systems also afford the opportunity to improve business productivity in far less obvious ways. For example, Call Accounting, or Call Detail Reporting, can be employed as a built-in or add-on functionality of one’s business telephone system.

A Call Accounting system allows you to collect raw call data from your telephone system, and sort and present it in just about any manner you would like. This could mean tracking salespeople’s telephone activity for business development, analyzing the average wait time for someone calling your customer service group, or even just to determine the order activity of your best customers. Really, there are any number of possibilities for how to utilize this type of Call Detail Report…in almost every case, it would undoubtedly increase the impact of your telephone system on your business’s productivity and bottom line.

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