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Why buy an IP based Business Telephone System?

Posted by Eric Moore on Sep 29, 2011 4:28:00 PM

 A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based phone system is more than just a few new phones plugged into your network with slick displays and pretty flashing lights.

VoIP transforms your phone system into a next generation communications hub; complete with cutting edge technologies that allow your organization to deliver superior customer service while cutting costs. An IP based system piggybacks on your data network and can connect to the public-switched telephone network (PSTN) through a variety of voice services.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider an IP based phone system:

1. Reduce the cost of phone charges by taking advantage of newer, less expensive voice technologies. And for companies with several branch offices, you can reduce the number of circuits or lines to the PSTN for substantial cost savings.

 2. Provide better customer service-since IP systems are inherently software based, it’s easy to integrate other customer relationship management (CRM) business applications to enhance customer service.

 3. Reduce the cost of network management by consolidating your voice and data networks onto one network which translates to less time and money spent on network management.

 4. Simplify system management while reducing the costs of ongoing system maintenance for adds moves and changes.  An IP telephony server has an intuitive Web based interface which allows for easy changes to any extension on the network- even remotely.

 5. Access sophisticated features that were traditionally out of reach for the smaller phone systems such as Call Center, Call Detail Reporting and Automatic Call Distribution capabilities.

 6. Leverage new technologies- again, because it’s software based, it’s easy to add new applications such as integration to smart phones (mobility) and Unified Messaging (voicemail, email and fax all at your desktop) efficiently and cost effectively.

Legacy TDM based systems are a thing of the past- go IP!

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Business Telephone System vs. Hosted Applications

Posted by Gregg Haughton on Apr 26, 2011 4:24:00 PM

Frequently, we are in a competition not with another business telephone system company, but with companies selling hosted solutions. For years, pundits have been touting a new era in telephony - the end of the installed business telephone system.

Remember Centrex in the 80's -

Don't get me wrong, there are applications where a hosted solution is a viable solution. However, the two biggest attractions of a hosted business telephone system, low cost and easy of configuration changes, is most often elusive.

Let's look at an expample. We recently replaced a hosted solution which had been installed at a real estate company's four offices. The office had between 30 and 50 phones. They were paying an average of $2200 per site per month for phones and traffic for the agents. That translates to $105,600 per year. Over three years the cost is $316,800.

Our installed IP solution was a one time cost of $98,000 and monthly cost of $600 per site for PRI services and a toll calling plan. Add a support plan that allows unlimited program changes, software upgrades, and a parts and labor hardware warranty for $780 per month and the cost over three years is $212,480.

That's over $100K less. Over 5 years the savings is $239K or enought to buy the system over 2.4 times.

The lesson is that although the idea might seem attractive - no up front costs, no maintenance costs, easy changes - make sure you compare the costs over the time you expect to use the system. It might be surprising...



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Quick tip on how to choose a busines phone system

Posted by Gregg Haughton on Mar 25, 2011 8:43:00 AM

IP Phone





OK, so you have decided it's time to replace the phone system that you have been using for ten years. What next?

I am going to make a bold suggestion...before you go to Google and start researching phone systems, talk to an experienced business telephone system sales person. 

What's that? Talk to a salesperson? Are you nuts?

Hold on, and hear me out...

I have been selling business phone systems since 1989. In the past 22 years I have worked with thousands of companies implementing the systems that I designed and sold. I have seen most every problem and opportunity. To each new client, I bring that collective experience.

Now more than ever, you need someone who has experience to help you pick the technology that will improve your customer service, enhance your employee productivity, and lower costs.

A good sales person will ask you questions about your business challenges and goals. Then, drawing on their experience, recommend a solution. A good sales person will help you understand how the technology you are considering will benefit your business. And a good salesperson with manage to conversion from your old to new system and make sure you get the benefits you are paying for.

Finally, after you have the proposal in hand, then research the proposed system.  The Internet is a wonderful tool to validate solutions that experts have suggested.

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