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Summertime is Lightning Time

Posted by Gregg Haughton on Aug 4, 2017 3:00:15 PM

We are in the heart of summer which means...thunder storms. There are two things business telephone systems can't tolerate: water and power spikes. My techs all know when there are lightning storms they will be busy. Sometimes, simply cycling the power on your system will bring it back to life. Othertimes, like the Priest on Caddyshack, the system is toast. 

Lightning Bolt.pngThe best protection for your digital or VoIP phone system is to have a UPS system between the power coming from the outlet, and your systems. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) combines surge protection and a battery backup system to protect your electronic systems from power surges, brown outs, and provide time to shut the systems down properly if there is loss of power. Basic systems start at $75 and they go up from there. Many UPS manufactureres provide a warranty against equipment damage for systems running off the UPS. Several manufacturers are ABC, Tripp Lite, and Minuteman Power Technologies. 

The systems must be sized to match the power consumption of the supported equipment. There are many options relating to runtime, form factor and monitoring. The most advaced systems will alert you of problems with power, battery condition, and runtime based on load. 

UPS systems are heavy due to the batteries inside them. So, if you order one on line, check the shipping costs. It may be better to go to a local office supply store. 

So, next time the thunder rumbles, make sure you have the peace of mind knowing your precious electronic equipment is protected. 

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Gregg Haughton has been supporting businesses for over 20 years helping them be more competitive and productive. 



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