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Granite's Cloud Phone System has Wheels!

Posted by Gregg Haughton on Jul 15, 2015 4:35:00 PM

Twenty, in fact.


The difference between Granite Cloud Phone Systems and those of most other providers is that Granite's is supported by a fleet of five field service vehicles piloted by some of the best phone guys in the business.

Most Cloud Phone System providers try to do everything from the comfort of their offices. They ship phones, routers, and instruction books to your facility and give you get a support number. You call and they try to walk you through the installation and setup of your system.  Training? It's on-line. Questions? Post them on their support forum.

When Granite installs your Cloud Phone System, we jump into our service vehicles, load the equipment, and drive to your facility. Then, we install the phones, program the system, and teach everyone how to use it. The following day, we drive out again to make sure everyone knows how to use the system and that we didn't miss anything.

So if you are talking with phone companies about Cloud Phone Systems, ask them if their systems have wheels? If not, then call Granite. We'd be happy to drive out and discuss your business and see if we can find a way to improve customer service, enhance productivity, and lower costs. 203-234-4900 or Gregg@granitecomm.com


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