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Making your Smart Phone Smarter

Posted by Gregg Haughton on Oct 8, 2013 8:34:00 AM

I use my smart phone as a level, flashlight, music player, GPS, contact manager, calender, calculator, game console and, oh yea, a phone. I get my office e-mail and office voice mail and sync with my office contacts with my phone. There seems to be no end to the tricks and tools this little chunk of technology can perform. Every month we hear about new "killer aps".

Here's one that really is impressive. By loading a free ap on my smart phone, and licensing my office phone system for mobility, I can morph my smart phone into my office phone. Mobility allows me to make and receive calls from my smart phone using my office phone extension. Even more impressive, I can transfer calls, record conversations, send calls to my office voice mail, set up conference calls, and access my office phonebook.Mobility Ap

Calls from the Mobility Ap show my office phone number, not my cell, and incoming calls show the caller ID of the incoming call. No one needs to know you are actually at a ball game or fishing. Best of all, you can log in and out so you decide when you want to take calls on your cell. Lastly, if you don't answer, the message in stored in your office voice mailbox so you can treat it like all the other business messages.

If you'd like to call me and talk about my new ap, dial my office number - 203-234-4901. Of course, I may be doing hot yoga, and you'll never know.

Hot Yoga

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