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Call Recording on your Business Telephone System

Posted by Eric Moore on Apr 19, 2012 12:08:00 PM

“Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes”. It seems like every time we make a call these days, whether it be into a financial institution, an insurance company, a customer service center or even a small mom and pop car dealership, we hear that recording prior to reaching a live person.

Why is that? Well, with the advent of digital recording technology, inexpensive call recording software has replaced older, costlier reel to reel or DAT tape recording platforms that formerly, only large corporations could afford.

Whereas call detail reporting on a business telephone system provides the ability to track, monitor and optimize call activity, call recording platforms gives a company the tools to ensure that their customer facing personnel are interfacing properly with the public.

Conspiracy theorists and paranoiacs will claim otherwise but there are actually valid and constructive reasons for recording calls: order entry/accuracy, training purposes, performance management, dispute resolution and keeping the occasional rude employee in line are but a few examples.

Consider taking or documenting a complex order with many components- what better way to guarantee that you’re taking down the correct info than recording the conversation, then going back and listening to each entry and confirming that you have all the pieces to the puzzle before submitting for entry?

Or contemplate a new hire in a telemarketing firm that needs to learn a new sales pitch- recording the call will allow the recipient to listen and fine tune their delivery before sending them out in the field and running into the proverbial buzz saw that is the general population.

There are regulations at the State and Federal levels to recording calls so please consult with a legal advisor to determine what is and isn’t acceptable. Suffice it to say that to inform the caller that a recording is taking place is the first step. If you feel that Call Recording could benefit your business, please inquire within our office- we can help!


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