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The Benefits of Telephone Headsets

Posted by Eric Moore on Mar 29, 2012 1:01:00 PM

With the rise of computer and telephony-based occupations, many workers experience neck pain or upper back pain in the workplace due to poor posture, positioning, or simply handling the telephone incorrectly. Once worn only by telephone operators 60 years ago, business telephone headsets are becoming more and more prevalent and with good reason. Headsets add many advantages to the workplace as they significantly reduce neck pain, upper back pain, and shoulder tension. You can go so far to say that it improves productivity as well.

It is in the use of the telephone handset that the most significant work related disorders of the neck could occur. When the habitual act of cradling the handset against the shoulder and neck is performed routinely, or held for long periods of time, discomfort, chronic neck pain or back pain, is often the result. As a result, headsets have become a key accessory in alleviating workplace injury.

So, where to begin? There are many flavors and models to choose from but they’re broken down into 2 basic groups- Wired headsets with a base station that connects directly to your phone and Wireless headsets which though the base station is connected, the actual headset is free of any encumbrances which allows for mobility while engaged in a call.

 Advantage to the wired model is its less expensive and more suitable to the worker that simply needs hands free capability. Wireless models allow the user to be mobile within the confines of the office, free to move to a filing cabinet up to even 300 feet from their workstation to retrieve a relevant file. But, they can range anywhere from 60% to 80% more costly than their “wired” counterparts. Bluetooth technology has enhanced the wireless models functionality and headset design by interfacing with many current business telephone systems- but please check with your current vendor as to which headsets integrate with your phone system before choosing a model and purchasing.

Feel free to inquire with our office as to which headset is right for you.

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