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Customer Service 2.0

Posted by Justin Stackawitz on Mar 2, 2012 6:10:00 PM

Many of our past blog topics have talked about ways in which a telecommunications system benefits a successful company. Whether it is raw employee productivity, bottom-line profitability, or even corporate image, there are many aspects of an organization that can be directly impacted by one’s business telephone system.

Perhaps the most important element of influence that a phone system has on a business, though, is through direct customer interaction. Our previous blog addresses the benefits of having a way to quickly and accurately handle a large volume of incoming calls; however that only takes care of the first element of any phone conversation:”hello!”. Suppose you wanted to have detailed information about the customer that you are speaking with available to you instantly so that you can efficiently address their reason for calling. Or think of being able to click on a button in an Outlook or Google Contact entry and immediately dialing that person’s telephone.

 Most organizations utilize some form of Customer Relationship Management software, or at least a customer database. A VoIP business telephone system that is integrated with this software can provide the capabilities mentioned above. So, rather than stalling your biggest client on the telephone while you rifle through your database to find their account and the notes associated with it, your telephone system can do the heavy lifting for you – it will read the caller ID information coming in and immediately know which account to open up for you, AS you are answering the call!

Just another tool to further streamline the interaction process between an organization and its valued customers…

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