8232-DECT-Handset-photo-160x262-1Call Management Solutions:

Another of Granite's strengths is designing business telephone systems to improve call flow, thus providing better customer service. We have extensive experience with call center systems(ACD), and call management software applications.

Presence Management Systems:

Allow co-workers to be able to see where their peers are and whether they are available. This streamlines operations and improves productivity and customer service. Combine e-mail, text, fax, voice and video to allow imersive communications across platforms. Granite's business phone systems include a full suite of presence management tools.

Call Completion Solutions:

By deploying one number access solutions, callers are able to reach your staff wherever they roam. Opportunities are not missed, problems are solved quickly, and telephone tag is eliminated.


Voice and Data Cabling:

Granite Communications licensed and insured technicians have extensive experience installing voice and data cabling, fiber optic cable and wire management systems from Superior and Ortronics. By doing the job neatly and following industry standard procedures, Granite Communications distributed cable systems are reliable.


Legacy Systems:


Granite Communications has certified trained technicians with experience on Panasonic DBS business telephone systems, AVT CallXpress voice mail systems, Iwatsu ADIX business telephone systems and CTL VoiceSupport voice mail systems.


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